Blaxstrology & Soul Tarot is a place where urban culture meets the metaphysical.

‘Blaxstrology’ is an ode to Blackness mixed in with the study of Heaven’s effects on human Life. As the original people, this is Our way. Our Black ancestors studied the sky above and built civilization from the knowledge gained through these studies. Over time, we lost touch.

Blaxstrology is the rebirth.

And ‘Soul Tarot’… well, that’s self-explanatory – unless You’re unfamiliar with Tarot itself. If so, keep reading:

The ancient Egyptian, or Kemetic, mythological god Thoth (God of Moon, Magick and Writing) devised the Tarot – cards bearing symbolic images to be used for fortune-telling. Thoth is believed to have been a scribe to the gods – a man who could commune with Spirit and who therefore maintained a library of messages given to him from Spirit. From his scrolls came speech, literature, art and learning. In the Book of Thoth, the first known images of the Tarot are depicted.

Blaxstrology & Soul Tarot is here to help Us remember what Our Spirit already knows.

About the Creator

Nikki Robinson created this concept and web space after an intense Spiritual awakening. She is now dedicated to delivering messages from Spirit and teaching the language of Our Dark Mother (the infinite Black void of Space… the womb from which ALL things come).