The Love planet Venus moved into Scorpio this past Friday, September 23 and will remain there until October 18. Scorpio is the segment of the zodiac pertaining to magic, intense passion, soul-stirring Love, and deep-diving into the mysteries of Life.

Around the time of Venus moving into Scorpio, an idea came to Me.

I’m going to start consulting Tarot about the Energy of major astrological transits. Then I’ll also consult Tarot to help put together spells/rituals that utilize each astrological transit’s Power in manifesting the intent of each spell/ritual.

Venus in Scorpio is the perfect starting point.

Let’s Work Some Love Magic!

Disclaimer: I do not deal in magic that involves spellcasting for the purpose of making some One fall in Love. To Me, that is an issue of control. When magic moves into the territory of controlling some One else’s destiny, that is dabbling in shadow work. That’s something I simply will not do.

That said…

Under the Venus in Scorpio Energy, We can still work our magic to allow the Space for true Love to enter into our Lives freely.

Isn’t a pure, genuine, and willing Love exactly what You want anyway? 🙂

Tarot Guidance on Venus in Scorpio

As mentioned earlier, I consulted the Tarot about the Energy of Venus in Scorpio and how it would affect my Love life. The cards that presented themselves are …

❤ 10 of Cups + Temperance ❤

Message: Completely surrounded by fruitful, fertile Energy for Love relationships + experience, Energy and creativity supporting my ritual/spellworking efforts to utilize this transit for my good.

With such a positive forecast for the Venus in Scorpio period from Sep 23 to Oct 18, I would be crazy not to take advantage of the Energy, right?!

So I reshuffled my deck and asked Spirit for guidance in regards to what the subject matter and focus of the spell/ritual should be.

The cards that came forth were…

Reversed Ace of Cups + The Devil + Reversed King of Cups + 3 of Cups

Message: Let the spell be about dissolving attachment and allowing a flush out of old emotions, in preparation for something beautiful, holy, strong and truly loving. Forgive Self and old lover(s). Expect something beautiful with the water ways cleared of old emotional debris.

Armed with a clear and concise mission – directly delivered from Spirit – I put together the following spell/ritual.

Remember that positive intent is the driving force behind Light Magick. As You go about your own ritual work, be completely in the moment and remain mindful of your spell’s focus.


Venus in Scorpio Spell: Releasing Barren Attachments & Creating a Healthy Space for True Love

You will need the following items:

  • Black candle
  • Onyx, Rose quartz, Tiger’s Eye
  • string (symbolizing attachment)
  • Scissors
  • Matches/lighter
  • Non-flammable plate/bowl for burning items
  • Bottle of water
  • Container for holding water that can also hold crystals
  • tea tree oil
  • charm that symbolizes Self Love (for creating charm necklace)
  • paper (to write to him, Self & husband)
  • intimacy imagery (provided below)
  • any old items of attachments to ex(es)
  • new string/chain for charm necklace

Ritual Instructions

1. Burn fragrant candle/incense to adorn the Ether (the Space in which You perform ritual).
2. Set up pentagram altar – with five points for Water, Earth, Fire, Air and Ether.
3. Speak the spell’s intent into the Water.
4. Hold each crystal firmly in Palm of hand and say a heartfelt, impromptu heart offering of appreciation for each crystal’s respective Energy and healing Power.
5. Carve ex lover’s full name into black candle & Light it.
6. Tie a string to an item that holds the Energy imprint of the ex lover.  (ex: I used a necklace with string already attached.)
7. Chant the following which announces the intent behind cutting the string: “Dissolve attachments to lovers of old/ flush accompanying emotional ties/ with a will to forgive and to love, so bold/ I expect deep, true Love to present it Self before my eyes.”
8. Give thanks to Source for supportive Energy, offered through current planetary shift (Venus in Scorpio).
9. Cut the string of attachment.
10. Write three letters of Love and forgiveness to: 1). your Self, 2). your soul mate, and 3). your ex(es).
11. Read letter to Self aloud.
12. Place letter to Self in the Water.
13. Read the letter to your Soulmate aloud.
14. Anoint the letter to your Soulmate with tea tree oil.
15. Read the letter to your ex(es) aloud.
16. Tear the letter to your ex(es) into small, flushable pieces.
17. Burn the severed string of attachment and any other items that symbolize the attachment you may want to burn also. EXERCISE CAUTION. I was burned during ritual. If there was unresolved conflict, it may “backfire” during the burning activity.
18. Flush the ashes of all burned items and the burned string of attachment. Also flush the tiny pieces of your torn letter to the ex(es).
19. Create a necklace of your Self Love charm. Dip the string/chain in the water and tie up necklace while string/chain still wet.
20. Place necklace around your neck.
21. Chant “nam myoho renge kyo” 108 times.
22. Hold Self Love necklace charm in hand while enjoying the emotional Energy conjured by the intimacy imagery. FEEL and allow the vibrations of that Energy to imprint on the atoms in the self Love charm. I used the images below:




23. From the heart, speak the Love of your Life into existence.
24. Place crystals from altar into the Water on the altar.
25. Allow the black candle to burn completely out (tealight candles recommended… don’t want to give the old attachment too much burn Time). 😏💅
26. Leave the Water as it is on the altar until the black candle burns out.
27. Place the remnants of the completely burnt out candle inside an airtight plastic bag.. to suffocate the physical remains from regaining any Life.
28. Throw the bag in the garbage outside of your house.
29. Place the letter to your Soulmate in a place where You see it daily. You should carry it with You wherever You go (in a wallet, purse, hanging from your car’s rear view mirror, etc).
30. Remove crystals from the water and filter into a container (place the wet letter to Self inside the new water container also).
31. The Energy infused water is your elixir, tonic, potion… whatever You want to call it. It holds the vibration of the releasing, forgiveness, self-Love and attracting genuine, intimate, committed Love. Dab it on. Anoint your living Space periodically. Sip from the container (it won’t kill You). However You choose to use the Water to manifest/conjure.

Also, wear your Self Love necklace proudly, to help You remember the vibration attained during your ritual.

You’ve released the emotional blockages and allowed Space for true Love to grow. 🙂