August has been an intense month astrologically. This weekend will continue with the theme of major mentality upgrades.


At 5:27 am EST, We experienced an exact Aquarius Full Moon, which also happens to have been a not-so-visible eclipse.

The Aquarius Full Moon brings about a culmination of the seeds planted at the Aquarius New Moon on 2/8/16. What were your intentions then? How have things evolved since?

The Aquarius Full Moon is about shamelessly embodying our inner truth concerning our hopes, wishes, dreams, ideals, community, humanity and friendships. Many of us are learning to let go of anything that does not serve us in any way. We’re losing the “fillers.”

Fillers are people and things that don’t have any actual use or benefit to us; they’re just.. there.

Under the Aquarius Full Moon, they have to go. If You are not consciously cleansing your Space, then the Full Moon will influence events happening that make it crystal clear: some things MUST go.

Under this Energy, We’re also opening up to unconventional relationships and interests. The things We’ve always wondered about but never pursued – out of fear or skepticism.

Now is the time to get into those interests.

This Energy remains with us over the weekend – as it wanes (slowly loses Power) over the three day span following Thursday morning’s exact Full Moon.


Mercury in Virgo opposes Chiron Rx in Pisces – exact 8:07 am EST

Mercury in Virgo offers an exceptional Energy for effective strategising and really nailing down the details of what needs to be done to get something up and running. As Mercury rules thoughts, communication and plans. And Virgo is rules routines and details.

Chiron retrograde in Pisces places our focus on healing deep-rooted wounds that keep resurfacing and wreaking havoc within our relationships with others. As Chiron rules our experiences with pain that give Us the wisdom to advise others who are experiencing the same pain. And Pisces rules deep spirituality and the things that unravel Us to the core.

So with Mercury and Chiron in opposition, here’s a chance for Us to achieve inner Balance. This is the time to get out of our heads and get down to business when it comes to making tangible progress on patching up our own wounds.

For ourselves. By ourselves.

Virgo is earthy. Pisces is spiritual. We can achieve a Balance between those two realms of Life this weekend.


There are no transits becoming exact on Saturday but the Energy from Thursday’s Full Moon and Friday’s Virgo Mercury-Pisces Chiron transit lingers.


Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Virgo – exact 5:07 am EST

Both Mercury and Jupiter are in Virgo and within degrees of each other. So the two planets’ Energy are mixing together.

Strategic Mercury mingles with expansive and fulfilling Jupiter.  This weekend we have an opportunity to express the fullness of who we are – for our good.

Develop your own philosophies this weekend!

Those of Us who have big dreams can map out each and every step required to manifest our grand Visions.

Effectively and efficiently.

Use Sunday to brainstorm, to mind map and to tune into your inner inventor!


Sun moves into Virgo – 12:39 pm EST

Our core identity gets with the program. It’s time to execute every plan we’ve developed.

(That’s why I advised You to spend the weekend doing the mental work.)

Having other planets in Virgo along with the Sun is a special occasion. Packed Virgo = manifestation power… if utilized.

If not utilized, You could spend this upcoming Virgo season as a nervous wreck. So You best get moving on building something productive. Because the worker bee Energy isn’t going anywhere.

Virgo is an Earth sign, so it’s an Energy that likes to make things happen and wants to see solid progress in the physical.

When the Sun – our Life giver – waltzes into Virgo, things start to come together. Incomplete projects start to resemble the prototype. Dreams start to unfold in Reality.

Basically, Mind becomes Matter. How exciting?!

How Does All of This Affect Each Of Us?

That depends on where each planet is placed on the zodiac wheel in your natal and progressed astrology charts. It also depends on the house in which each segment of the zodiac wheel sits on your chart.

Here are a couple of examples:

  1. Virgo’s segment of the zodiac wheel begins in the 7th house on my birth chart. The 7th house governs relationships with others – romantic and otherwise. When Mercury & Jupiter in Virgo aspect (connect with) other planets, it affects my Love Life, business partnerships, familial connections, etc. Recently I’ve had 180° changes in how I express my Self within relationships and how I think about relating to others overall. As I move into this weekend, I’m excited to see how my new way of thinking shifts things in my Reality.
  2. A good friend of mine has Virgo in His 10th house, commonly known as the Midheaven. That’s the house governing work Life and how We act in our most productive state. This weekend’s Energy is ripe for helping Him achieve work-Life Balance, especially since Pisces (where Chiron is currently transiting) is in His 4th house – which governs Home, our neighbors and local community.


If You don’t already have your natal chart, visit to see yours for free.  I also recommend the AstroVizor app for viewing and studying charts, planetary placements, aspects and transits.

Your natal chart is a depiction of the Energy under which You were born.

Understanding the Energy You carry with You through Life helps You make the most of transits, like the ones described in this post, as they come and go.

If You still need help figuring all of this out after getting your free birth chart, head over to the Astrology Readings page to see how I can help You get some clarity about your birth chart, all upcoming transits and how each of the transits affect your Life specifically.

Feel free to contact Me any time to discuss your reading.

And have a great weekend. Make something happen! 🙂