Here we are still prowling through Leo season (July 23 thru August 22)¬† in all its royal glory. There’s an undeniably regal feel to the Leo Energy.

When the idea came to Me to write about the royal cards in each Tarot deck, it just fit perfectly for this time of year.

I have my Moon in Leo – in the 5th house! That’s Leo’s “home” house, since Leo is the 5th astrological sign of the zodiac.

So with great pleasure, I give You…

The Tarot Royalty

In each of the four Tarot suits, there is a

  • King
  • Queen
  • Knight
  • Page

These are the cards I’m referring to as the royals of the Tarot. They’re also commonly known as the “court cards” and the “royal arcana.”

The King

He is the head ruler. The top gun. Nothing happens without his permission/declaration. He’s discerning and tolerant. The King card indicates a master and authority figure.

The Queen

The Queen is the nurturing supporter who keeps the inner mechanics of the kingdom in order. She’s clear-headed, intuitive and wise. Her brand of rulership is with empowerment, not forceful control.

The Knight

The Knight of the Tarot is One who’s honorable and well-trained for battle. Bravery, endurance and courage are common themes when He appears in a reading. He’s also quick on his feet – a skill needed to fight victoriously.

The Page

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The Page is the young, future leader in training. His future is bright but for now, he’s still an amateur. Don’t sleep on Him though! He’s an heir/successor for a reason. His appearance in a reading may suggest being a quick-learner and embodying practicality.

Reversed Royalty

Royalty is Power.

Power can become an addiction that some abuse. Royal Tarot cards that surface in the reverse position (upside down) often expose or foretell a misuse of Power and privilege.

You can see a reversed card’s meaning pretty easily in most cases because it’s the exact opposite of the card’s upright meaning:

  1. The reversed King – vengeful tyrant, lacking confidence in authority and/or giving away power
  2. The reversed Queen – unstable, overwhelmed by details and/or having repulsive behavior
  3. The reversed Knight – manipulation, selfishness and/or cowardice
  4. The reversed Page – defiance, lack of maturity and/or being a spoiled brat

Of course, my interpretations are not the only meanings that royalty Tarot cards can have.

This post is meant to be a basic overview of how real world Human traits are displayed in the Tarot – particularly the royalty cards.

Also note that royalty cards do not always symbolize a person. Sometimes the royalty cards describe an event or call a specific location to Mind.

It all depends on where these cards show up in a reading.