The New Moon peaks today – August 2, 2016 – with its Energy being strongest between 2 and 7pm EST.

But fret not, New Moon Energy is potent for up to 2 days prior and 2 days after an exact conjunction of the Sun and Moon.

(A conjunction means two planets are “on top” of one another.)

In today’s case, the Moon is directly in front of the Sun and therefore swallowed, or wholly embraced, in the Sun’s brillance.

What Does That Mean for Us?

It means our Spirits (Moon) are Light (Sun). We feel capable of anything and are unafraid of exposing our true selves to the world for all to see. That’s just how Leo rolls.

We build our Life around the highest vision for Self, because Leo only accepts the best.

… or at least, that’s what We’re supposed to be doing during this time.

Those who are out of touch with the spiritual side of Life may just be feeling anxious and rushed to reach seemingly impossible goals for ego-influenced reasons.

That’s the low vibration of Leo. Stay away from that if You want to milk this New Moon Energy for all its worth.

New Moon Energy

New Moons are not a time for manifestation, but rather a time for planting intentions. Under the New Moon, we have an opportunity to send out a message to the Universe telling it exactly what we want for ourselves.

And because it’s a New Moon in LEO, the Universe is receptive to ALL of our incredibly lofty goals and spectacularly grand visions.

How to Make the Best Use of Leo New Moon Energy

  • Abundance rituals
  • plant new intentions
  • get out into nature to heighten your vibrations
  • ground yourself (walk barefoot or sit on the ground) under the brilliant Sun
  • commune with nature Spirits (tree hugging, talking to grass, smelling flowers, etc)
  • FEEL abundant and glorious
  • Mother, nurture, protect and Love your Self
  • Exercise the body
  • BE Light and Love
  • Take your time (no rushing)
  • Show gratitude for what You have

More Practical Uses of Leo New Moon Energy

Because the Moon is associated with the Mother, also take this time to explore any issues that may stem from a troubled past with your Mom.

Forgive her so that You can ascend past that negative background story.

Also, remain open to receive blessings and be faithful that All is good. Trust divine timing.

Share your gifts and talents freely and with love. No ulterior motives.

Know that the Universe has your back. Don’t worry your Self with “how?” your dreams will come true.  That’s none of your business!

Simply trust in the law of attraction (it’s real!) and know that You’re provided for abundantly.

I’ve included a New Moon ritual You can do below.

This Leo New Moon came on the heels of yesterday’s Lughnasadh/Lammas celebration. That’s a pagan celebration honoring the Sun and Earth deities for the first harvests of autumn. So this ritual is also influenced by that.

Enjoy! And Be blessed.

Abundance & Blessings Ritual for Planting Intentions under New Moon

Intent: Gratitude for new beginnings, transformation and rebirth; reaping abundantly. Utilizing Sun Energy (charged crystals) & Earth Energy (ground burial).

What You’ll Need:

Altar or ritual space, green candle, lighter, paper, red pen, something to use as a raised platform, crystals or rocks, an apple, bread, YouTube for ritual music, fire resistant bowl or plate, grape juice or wine.


1. LIGHT green candle (symbolizing wealth & growth).

2. DRAW an Ankh symbol, which stands for the womb and birth of Life. This honors the Divine Feminine, which is also associated with the Moon. Use a red pen.

3. WRITE your intentions (whatever You wish to manifest in your Life) within the womb of the Ankh. Use red pen.

4. PLACE the Ankh symbol with your intentions written within the womb on a raised platform. Honoring the Womb.

4. ARRANGE the following charged crystals (crystals that have been outside in the SunLight) in square formation on top of your Ankh & intentions:

  • tiger eye
  • aventurine
  • citrine
  • crystal quartz

If you don’t have them,  use whatever crystals, rocks, pebbles, marbles You have. They still represent minerals from the Earth. 🙂

5. SIT an apple in the middle of the crystal grid, on top of your Ankh and intentions. This symbolizes fruit of the Womb.

6. BREAK bread (nourishment) and place one chunk at each of the four corners surrounding your ritual space/altar.

7. DANCE to New Moon meditation music for 8 minutes. Pick whatever music sounds best to You on YouTube. Break a sweat for best use of your body (Earth) Energy. You can dance longer than 8 minutes if You feel compelled… I danced for 18 minutes.

8. MEDITATE on your blessings.  Give thanks to Sun gods and Earth goddesses. Call each of the following by name to show gratitude for abundant Life:

  • Celtic Sun God Lugh & Mother Earth
  • Kemetic Sun God RA & Earth goddess MA
  • Greco-Roman Sun God Apollo & Earth Goddess Gaia
  • Norse Sun God Freyr & Earth Goddess Jord
  • Incan Sun God Inti & Earth Goddess Pachamama
  • West African Sun God Liza & Earth Goddess Mawu
  • Hindu Sun God Surya & Earth Goddess Bhumi
  • Aztec Sun God Tonatiuh & Earth Goddess Coatlicue
  • Mesopotamian Sun God Utu & Earth Goddess Ki.

Add any others to whom You feel a connection.

9. CHANT (8x): “May our cupboards be filled with abundant blessings as We celebrate our harvest. Our hearts are filled with Love, Peace, Gratitude & Honor to the Gods and Goddesses.”

8 is the shape of the symbol for infinity = infinite blessings. The number 8 is also associated with the universal law, “As above, so below… as with Out, so with In.” When we do ritual in Spirit, we plant the seed for the same Energy to manifest in the Physical.

10. EAT the apple. This is You receiving the fruit of the Womb. Keep the core for burial.

11. BURN your drawing of the Ankh. This binds Fire (Sun) Energy with your intentions. Keep the ashes for burial.

12. BLESS the bread from each of the four corners of your ritual space/altar. Put it together in a bowl/plate with the apple core and ashes of your Ankh.

13. BURY the bread, apple core and Ankh ashes outside in the Earth. Make sure everything You bury is covered completely with Earth.

14. POUR wine or grape juice over the burial site while offering a short prayer of thanks to the Sun, Moon and Earth.

15. BLOW out your green candle.

Ritual complete.

Stay in high vibrations and expect to see your intentions manifested in your Life!