Right now, the planet Uranus is stationed in Aries, where it will begin its retrograde later tonight.

That means our planet of revolution, rebellion, invention and originality is currently soaking in its own brilliant juices in the area of the zodiac affiliated with eager exploration and leadership.

Once the retrograde begins, that Energy of fearless innovation moves within, rather than expanding outward as it has been doing since March 2011, when Uranus first entered the sign of Aries.

How Does This Transit Affect Us?

Each One of us will experience this shift of Energy and consciousness differently, based on wherever Aries is located on the zodiac wheel in your natal birth chart.

Yesterday, I recorded two videos about breakdowns and breakthroughs. The videos help You understand what’s going on in the context of our regular day-to-day lives.

They are posted on the Blaxstrology and Soul Tarot Facebook page at the links provided here:

Breakdowns & Breakthroughs, pt. 1

Breakdowns & Breakthroughs, pt. 2

It’s also helpful to have a look at your birth chart to see which house Uranus in Aries is transiting for You. That’ll give You insight into the unexpected or unimaginable changes headed your way.

(Uranus brings plenty surprises!)

My favorite place to refer newer students of the stars to in order to get a natal birth chart is Cafe Astrology. Click here to be taken directly to the Web page where You can get yours.

I also do in-depth birth chart and transit readings to help You understand your personal Energy and how transits play out in your Life specifically. Visit the Astrology Readings page for descriptions, pricing and to book your reading with Me.