Here, we celebrate our Black Mama (the dark womb of Space) and our ascended ancestors (Spirit). And we do it with Soul.

I originally was only going to have a Facebook page dedicated to astrology and Tarot. But it was a better idea to create a space for every One to return periodically to study and review.

Blog topics include:

  • astrology
  • Tarot
  • spiritual practices and rituals
  • dream interpretations
  • history of spirituality
  • pop culture and current events that demonstrate astrology & Spirit at work
  • and much more!

Check out the menu at the top of the site for info about this website and its Creator (Me). You’ll also find info on how to contact me for a private reading, along with the different types of astrology and Tarot readings offered.

Those few pages in the menu are the only parts of this website about Me.

The rest of the site is an ode to the Most High Power, our ancestors who’ve returned to It and how We ourselves can ascend during this Life so that We also return to Infinite Source upon passing away from the physical realm.

If my lingo sounds a bit “spacey” or “weird,” it just means Your memory is foggy.

Once You’ve reunited with Spirit – outside of religion – You’ll remember too. 😜

Love and Light.