This is the first of many blog posts that will explore each card of the Tarot deck. The first card up for study is the The Moon.

There’s a reason I chose to examine The Moon first.

A couple of nights ago, I had a dream about a witch showing me an upside-down Tarot card – the Moon card.

The Moon in Tarot

Although each Tarot deck is unique and special in its own way, there are a few things that most Moon Tarot cards have in common. Through these symbols, we are able to connect with deeper messages from the Moon card.

Water Flowing through a Valley

In Tarot and astrology, Water is the element associated feelings, emotions, relationships and the subconscious. To have Water flowing through a dark valley is symbolic of our deep-seated emotions and subconscious thoughts.

It’s those feelings, intuitive hunches and beliefs that we may not even be aware of. Those who are aware of it, often refer to it as psychic insight.

The Moon card is affiliated with the astrology sign of Pisces, which is the section of the zodiac dealing with spirituality, psychics, intuition, etc.

So when the Moon card comes up, know that you’re dealing with a higher octave of knowledge; that which is not taught but felt deep within.

Dog and Wolf Howling at the Moon

The dog and the wolf offer dual perspectives: one is domestic and tamed while the other is wild and rooted in pure animal instinct.

Both are howling at the Moon. This shows that All is One. Even when things are polar opposites, they are still the same in essence.

We all have the same basic needs, regardless of the differences in how we go about meeting our needs.

As the Moon is the ruler of zodiac sign Cancer, the nurturer and protector, freely expressing One’s needs is often a prominent message of the Moon card. Another message is to give your instincts their due respect.

The Moon says there is no right or wrong way to express your Self. Do what You must to allow your Soul to be heard and to free the Spirit. Honor instinctual insight.


In my Tarot deck, there are two women mapping the planets and stars. The two women are seers. Once again, here’s an allude to psychic/intuitive vision.

With the measuring tools, one woman has her head down, tasked with plotting the points on paper. While the other woman is looking above, measuring the distances between planetary bodies with her tool.

The phrase, “As above, so below,” comes to Mind.

Even though both women are seers and have inside vision (intuition), they still look outward at the Cosmos for guidance.

Once we are in touch with our Spirit selves, we can see how our outer Reality directly mirrors our inner Life. Believing that anything outside of Us is separate from Us is an illusion.

The Moon card showing up in a Tarot reading often hints at illusion or failure to trust the intuition.

Moon Phase(s)

My Moon card shows a crescent Moon with the Sun ducked out in the background. Many other Tarot decks show similar graphics in a different illustration.

Then there are some that just show a Full Moon. Whereas others show all phases of the Moon laid out at the top of the Tarot card.

The underlying message is that the Moon changes – like our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, habits and moods. Like our lives.

However there’s cyclical change involved with Moon phases.

When You become conscious and aware, You find that Life changes in cycles too. We constantly revisit the same Energy, just under different disguises.

When the Moon card shows up in a reading, it could be trying to warn some One against unconscious habits, thoughts, beliefs and/or feelings that are causing the person to repeat a similar fate over and over – in cycles.

Crayfish Crawling out of Water

The Moon Tarot card, crayfish in Tarot, lobster in Tarot, Blaxstrology and Soul Tarot

Although my specific Moon card doesn’t feature the lobster/crab/crayfish imagery, it is a popular focal point on the Moon card in most Tarot decks – as demonstrated above.

In these illustrations, the underwater creature is shown climbing up onto land from the sea.

That is to symbolize creatures (our own mental creations) rising up from the deep subconscious, which I noted earlier in this post as being symbolized by the element Water.

Instead of the crayfish image, my Moon card has the two women seers (psychics) who I affiliated with the phrase, “As above, so below.”

That same phrase applies to the crayfish on most Moon Tarot cards.

When the Moon card shows up in a reading with that imagery, it is a sign that the person may have some ugly little creatures crawling up out of the subconscious and showing up in his/her Reality.

Those “ugly little creatures” could be negative thought patterns, self-limiting beliefs, doubts, worries, resentments, fears, painful memories, etc.

Please understand that You can never hide these things. If You try to bury them, they WILL resurface at some point in your Life.

… just like the crayfish.

The Moon – Upright and Reversed

The position that a Tarot card shows up in a reading matters. The reversed position of a Tarot card often indicates that the card’s message is the opposite of the upright meaning, OR it indicates that the upright meaning of the card will be delayed somehow.

Remember, every Tarot reading is different for each individual. But here are the generally accepted upright and reverse meanings of the Moon card.

Upright: Difficulty in decision-making; clouded perspective; ignoring intuition; being overly analytical versus trusting your gut feeling; lack of Self guidance; false beliefs or illusions; deep rooted fears and insecurities

Reverse: Misinterpreting spiritual messages; misguided psychic power; distrust of the occult; failure to genuinely express the Soul; acting purely on instinct; overcoming deep rooted fears and insecurities

In the dream I described at the beginning of this post, a witch showed Me the Moon card in reverse.

I feel that the dream was bringing up remnants of a deeply instilled fear that was still lying dormant in my subconscious.

I come from a devout Pentecostal Christian family down here in the Bible Belt region. So I was mentally conditioned to be fearful of witches and any occult practices – including Tarot.

However, there’s nothing to fear.

I’ve learned that, and the dream was Spirit’s way of showing Me that I must be completely fearless in order to have the highest and best use of my spiritual power.

Note taken. 😉

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