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Welcome to Blaxstrology and Soul Tarot!

Here, we celebrate our Black Mama (the dark womb of Space) and our ascended ancestors (Spirit). And we do it with Soul.

I originally was only going to have a Facebook page dedicated to astrology and Tarot. But it was a better idea to create a space for every One to return periodically to study and review.

Blog topics include:

  • astrology
  • Tarot
  • spiritual practices and rituals
  • dream interpretations
  • history of spirituality
  • pop culture and current events that demonstrate astrology & Spirit at work
  • and much more!

Check out the menu at the top of the site for info about this website and its Creator (Me). You’ll also find info on how to contact me for a private reading, along with the different types of astrology and Tarot readings offered.

Those few pages in the menu are the only parts of this website about Me.

The rest of the site is an ode to the Most High Power, our ancestors who’ve returned to It and how We ourselves can ascend during this Life so that We also return to Infinite Source upon passing away from the physical realm.

If my lingo sounds a bit “spacey” or “weird,” it just means Your memory is foggy.

Once You’ve reunited with Spirit – outside of religion – You’ll remember too. 😜

Love and Light.


Featured post

Venus in Scorpio – Love-making Magic [Ritual]

The Love planet Venus moved into Scorpio this past Friday, September 23 and will remain there until October 18. Scorpio is the segment of the zodiac pertaining to magic, intense passion, soul-stirring Love, and deep-diving into the mysteries of Life.

Around the time of Venus moving into Scorpio, an idea came to Me.

I’m going to start consulting Tarot about the Energy of major astrological transits. Then I’ll also consult Tarot to help put together spells/rituals that utilize each astrological transit’s Power in manifesting the intent of each spell/ritual.

Venus in Scorpio is the perfect starting point.

Let’s Work Some Love Magic!

Disclaimer: I do not deal in magic that involves spellcasting for the purpose of making some One fall in Love. To Me, that is an issue of control. When magic moves into the territory of controlling some One else’s destiny, that is dabbling in shadow work. That’s something I simply will not do.

That said…

Under the Venus in Scorpio Energy, We can still work our magic to allow the Space for true Love to enter into our Lives freely.

Isn’t a pure, genuine, and willing Love exactly what You want anyway? 🙂

Tarot Guidance on Venus in Scorpio

As mentioned earlier, I consulted the Tarot about the Energy of Venus in Scorpio and how it would affect my Love life. The cards that presented themselves are …

❤ 10 of Cups + Temperance ❤

Message: Completely surrounded by fruitful, fertile Energy for Love relationships + experience, Energy and creativity supporting my ritual/spellworking efforts to utilize this transit for my good.

With such a positive forecast for the Venus in Scorpio period from Sep 23 to Oct 18, I would be crazy not to take advantage of the Energy, right?!

So I reshuffled my deck and asked Spirit for guidance in regards to what the subject matter and focus of the spell/ritual should be.

The cards that came forth were…

Reversed Ace of Cups + The Devil + Reversed King of Cups + 3 of Cups

Message: Let the spell be about dissolving attachment and allowing a flush out of old emotions, in preparation for something beautiful, holy, strong and truly loving. Forgive Self and old lover(s). Expect something beautiful with the water ways cleared of old emotional debris.

Armed with a clear and concise mission – directly delivered from Spirit – I put together the following spell/ritual.

Remember that positive intent is the driving force behind Light Magick. As You go about your own ritual work, be completely in the moment and remain mindful of your spell’s focus.


Venus in Scorpio Spell: Releasing Barren Attachments & Creating a Healthy Space for True Love

You will need the following items:

  • Black candle
  • Onyx, Rose quartz, Tiger’s Eye
  • string (symbolizing attachment)
  • Scissors
  • Matches/lighter
  • Non-flammable plate/bowl for burning items
  • Bottle of water
  • Container for holding water that can also hold crystals
  • tea tree oil
  • charm that symbolizes Self Love (for creating charm necklace)
  • paper (to write to him, Self & husband)
  • intimacy imagery (provided below)
  • any old items of attachments to ex(es)
  • new string/chain for charm necklace

Ritual Instructions

1. Burn fragrant candle/incense to adorn the Ether (the Space in which You perform ritual).
2. Set up pentagram altar – with five points for Water, Earth, Fire, Air and Ether.
3. Speak the spell’s intent into the Water.
4. Hold each crystal firmly in Palm of hand and say a heartfelt, impromptu heart offering of appreciation for each crystal’s respective Energy and healing Power.
5. Carve ex lover’s full name into black candle & Light it.
6. Tie a string to an item that holds the Energy imprint of the ex lover.  (ex: I used a necklace with string already attached.)
7. Chant the following which announces the intent behind cutting the string: “Dissolve attachments to lovers of old/ flush accompanying emotional ties/ with a will to forgive and to love, so bold/ I expect deep, true Love to present it Self before my eyes.”
8. Give thanks to Source for supportive Energy, offered through current planetary shift (Venus in Scorpio).
9. Cut the string of attachment.
10. Write three letters of Love and forgiveness to: 1). your Self, 2). your soul mate, and 3). your ex(es).
11. Read letter to Self aloud.
12. Place letter to Self in the Water.
13. Read the letter to your Soulmate aloud.
14. Anoint the letter to your Soulmate with tea tree oil.
15. Read the letter to your ex(es) aloud.
16. Tear the letter to your ex(es) into small, flushable pieces.
17. Burn the severed string of attachment and any other items that symbolize the attachment you may want to burn also. EXERCISE CAUTION. I was burned during ritual. If there was unresolved conflict, it may “backfire” during the burning activity.
18. Flush the ashes of all burned items and the burned string of attachment. Also flush the tiny pieces of your torn letter to the ex(es).
19. Create a necklace of your Self Love charm. Dip the string/chain in the water and tie up necklace while string/chain still wet.
20. Place necklace around your neck.
21. Chant “nam myoho renge kyo” 108 times.
22. Hold Self Love necklace charm in hand while enjoying the emotional Energy conjured by the intimacy imagery. FEEL and allow the vibrations of that Energy to imprint on the atoms in the self Love charm. I used the images below:




23. From the heart, speak the Love of your Life into existence.
24. Place crystals from altar into the Water on the altar.
25. Allow the black candle to burn completely out (tealight candles recommended… don’t want to give the old attachment too much burn Time). 😏💅
26. Leave the Water as it is on the altar until the black candle burns out.
27. Place the remnants of the completely burnt out candle inside an airtight plastic bag.. to suffocate the physical remains from regaining any Life.
28. Throw the bag in the garbage outside of your house.
29. Place the letter to your Soulmate in a place where You see it daily. You should carry it with You wherever You go (in a wallet, purse, hanging from your car’s rear view mirror, etc).
30. Remove crystals from the water and filter into a container (place the wet letter to Self inside the new water container also).
31. The Energy infused water is your elixir, tonic, potion… whatever You want to call it. It holds the vibration of the releasing, forgiveness, self-Love and attracting genuine, intimate, committed Love. Dab it on. Anoint your living Space periodically. Sip from the container (it won’t kill You). However You choose to use the Water to manifest/conjure.

Also, wear your Self Love necklace proudly, to help You remember the vibration attained during your ritual.

You’ve released the emotional blockages and allowed Space for true Love to grow. 🙂

A Weekend to Remember: Aug. 18-Aug. 22

August has been an intense month astrologically. This weekend will continue with the theme of major mentality upgrades.


At 5:27 am EST, We experienced an exact Aquarius Full Moon, which also happens to have been a not-so-visible eclipse.

The Aquarius Full Moon brings about a culmination of the seeds planted at the Aquarius New Moon on 2/8/16. What were your intentions then? How have things evolved since?

The Aquarius Full Moon is about shamelessly embodying our inner truth concerning our hopes, wishes, dreams, ideals, community, humanity and friendships. Many of us are learning to let go of anything that does not serve us in any way. We’re losing the “fillers.”

Fillers are people and things that don’t have any actual use or benefit to us; they’re just.. there.

Under the Aquarius Full Moon, they have to go. If You are not consciously cleansing your Space, then the Full Moon will influence events happening that make it crystal clear: some things MUST go.

Under this Energy, We’re also opening up to unconventional relationships and interests. The things We’ve always wondered about but never pursued – out of fear or skepticism.

Now is the time to get into those interests.

This Energy remains with us over the weekend – as it wanes (slowly loses Power) over the three day span following Thursday morning’s exact Full Moon.


Mercury in Virgo opposes Chiron Rx in Pisces – exact 8:07 am EST

Mercury in Virgo offers an exceptional Energy for effective strategising and really nailing down the details of what needs to be done to get something up and running. As Mercury rules thoughts, communication and plans. And Virgo is rules routines and details.

Chiron retrograde in Pisces places our focus on healing deep-rooted wounds that keep resurfacing and wreaking havoc within our relationships with others. As Chiron rules our experiences with pain that give Us the wisdom to advise others who are experiencing the same pain. And Pisces rules deep spirituality and the things that unravel Us to the core.

So with Mercury and Chiron in opposition, here’s a chance for Us to achieve inner Balance. This is the time to get out of our heads and get down to business when it comes to making tangible progress on patching up our own wounds.

For ourselves. By ourselves.

Virgo is earthy. Pisces is spiritual. We can achieve a Balance between those two realms of Life this weekend.


There are no transits becoming exact on Saturday but the Energy from Thursday’s Full Moon and Friday’s Virgo Mercury-Pisces Chiron transit lingers.


Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Virgo – exact 5:07 am EST

Both Mercury and Jupiter are in Virgo and within degrees of each other. So the two planets’ Energy are mixing together.

Strategic Mercury mingles with expansive and fulfilling Jupiter.  This weekend we have an opportunity to express the fullness of who we are – for our good.

Develop your own philosophies this weekend!

Those of Us who have big dreams can map out each and every step required to manifest our grand Visions.

Effectively and efficiently.

Use Sunday to brainstorm, to mind map and to tune into your inner inventor!


Sun moves into Virgo – 12:39 pm EST

Our core identity gets with the program. It’s time to execute every plan we’ve developed.

(That’s why I advised You to spend the weekend doing the mental work.)

Having other planets in Virgo along with the Sun is a special occasion. Packed Virgo = manifestation power… if utilized.

If not utilized, You could spend this upcoming Virgo season as a nervous wreck. So You best get moving on building something productive. Because the worker bee Energy isn’t going anywhere.

Virgo is an Earth sign, so it’s an Energy that likes to make things happen and wants to see solid progress in the physical.

When the Sun – our Life giver – waltzes into Virgo, things start to come together. Incomplete projects start to resemble the prototype. Dreams start to unfold in Reality.

Basically, Mind becomes Matter. How exciting?!

How Does All of This Affect Each Of Us?

That depends on where each planet is placed on the zodiac wheel in your natal and progressed astrology charts. It also depends on the house in which each segment of the zodiac wheel sits on your chart.

Here are a couple of examples:

  1. Virgo’s segment of the zodiac wheel begins in the 7th house on my birth chart. The 7th house governs relationships with others – romantic and otherwise. When Mercury & Jupiter in Virgo aspect (connect with) other planets, it affects my Love Life, business partnerships, familial connections, etc. Recently I’ve had 180° changes in how I express my Self within relationships and how I think about relating to others overall. As I move into this weekend, I’m excited to see how my new way of thinking shifts things in my Reality.
  2. A good friend of mine has Virgo in His 10th house, commonly known as the Midheaven. That’s the house governing work Life and how We act in our most productive state. This weekend’s Energy is ripe for helping Him achieve work-Life Balance, especially since Pisces (where Chiron is currently transiting) is in His 4th house – which governs Home, our neighbors and local community.


If You don’t already have your natal chart, visit to see yours for free.  I also recommend the AstroVizor app for viewing and studying charts, planetary placements, aspects and transits.

Your natal chart is a depiction of the Energy under which You were born.

Understanding the Energy You carry with You through Life helps You make the most of transits, like the ones described in this post, as they come and go.

If You still need help figuring all of this out after getting your free birth chart, head over to the Astrology Readings page to see how I can help You get some clarity about your birth chart, all upcoming transits and how each of the transits affect your Life specifically.

Feel free to contact Me any time to discuss your reading.

And have a great weekend. Make something happen! 🙂

The Royals of the Tarot

Here we are still prowling through Leo season (July 23 thru August 22)  in all its royal glory. There’s an undeniably regal feel to the Leo Energy.

When the idea came to Me to write about the royal cards in each Tarot deck, it just fit perfectly for this time of year.

I have my Moon in Leo – in the 5th house! That’s Leo’s “home” house, since Leo is the 5th astrological sign of the zodiac.

So with great pleasure, I give You…

The Tarot Royalty

In each of the four Tarot suits, there is a

  • King
  • Queen
  • Knight
  • Page

These are the cards I’m referring to as the royals of the Tarot. They’re also commonly known as the “court cards” and the “royal arcana.”

The King

He is the head ruler. The top gun. Nothing happens without his permission/declaration. He’s discerning and tolerant. The King card indicates a master and authority figure.

The Queen

The Queen is the nurturing supporter who keeps the inner mechanics of the kingdom in order. She’s clear-headed, intuitive and wise. Her brand of rulership is with empowerment, not forceful control.

The Knight

The Knight of the Tarot is One who’s honorable and well-trained for battle. Bravery, endurance and courage are common themes when He appears in a reading. He’s also quick on his feet – a skill needed to fight victoriously.

The Page

Royal cards in the Tarot, the royal arcana, court cards in Tarot, Blaxstrology and Soul Tarot, the royals, Leo season royalty

The Page is the young, future leader in training. His future is bright but for now, he’s still an amateur. Don’t sleep on Him though! He’s an heir/successor for a reason. His appearance in a reading may suggest being a quick-learner and embodying practicality.

Reversed Royalty

Royalty is Power.

Power can become an addiction that some abuse. Royal Tarot cards that surface in the reverse position (upside down) often expose or foretell a misuse of Power and privilege.

You can see a reversed card’s meaning pretty easily in most cases because it’s the exact opposite of the card’s upright meaning:

  1. The reversed King – vengeful tyrant, lacking confidence in authority and/or giving away power
  2. The reversed Queen – unstable, overwhelmed by details and/or having repulsive behavior
  3. The reversed Knight – manipulation, selfishness and/or cowardice
  4. The reversed Page – defiance, lack of maturity and/or being a spoiled brat

Of course, my interpretations are not the only meanings that royalty Tarot cards can have.

This post is meant to be a basic overview of how real world Human traits are displayed in the Tarot – particularly the royalty cards.

Also note that royalty cards do not always symbolize a person. Sometimes the royalty cards describe an event or call a specific location to Mind.

It all depends on where these cards show up in a reading.

New Moon in Leo

The New Moon peaks today – August 2, 2016 – with its Energy being strongest between 2 and 7pm EST.

But fret not, New Moon Energy is potent for up to 2 days prior and 2 days after an exact conjunction of the Sun and Moon.

(A conjunction means two planets are “on top” of one another.)

In today’s case, the Moon is directly in front of the Sun and therefore swallowed, or wholly embraced, in the Sun’s brillance.

What Does That Mean for Us?

It means our Spirits (Moon) are Light (Sun). We feel capable of anything and are unafraid of exposing our true selves to the world for all to see. That’s just how Leo rolls.

We build our Life around the highest vision for Self, because Leo only accepts the best.

… or at least, that’s what We’re supposed to be doing during this time.

Those who are out of touch with the spiritual side of Life may just be feeling anxious and rushed to reach seemingly impossible goals for ego-influenced reasons.

That’s the low vibration of Leo. Stay away from that if You want to milk this New Moon Energy for all its worth.

New Moon Energy

New Moons are not a time for manifestation, but rather a time for planting intentions. Under the New Moon, we have an opportunity to send out a message to the Universe telling it exactly what we want for ourselves.

And because it’s a New Moon in LEO, the Universe is receptive to ALL of our incredibly lofty goals and spectacularly grand visions.

How to Make the Best Use of Leo New Moon Energy

  • Abundance rituals
  • plant new intentions
  • get out into nature to heighten your vibrations
  • ground yourself (walk barefoot or sit on the ground) under the brilliant Sun
  • commune with nature Spirits (tree hugging, talking to grass, smelling flowers, etc)
  • FEEL abundant and glorious
  • Mother, nurture, protect and Love your Self
  • Exercise the body
  • BE Light and Love
  • Take your time (no rushing)
  • Show gratitude for what You have

More Practical Uses of Leo New Moon Energy

Because the Moon is associated with the Mother, also take this time to explore any issues that may stem from a troubled past with your Mom.

Forgive her so that You can ascend past that negative background story.

Also, remain open to receive blessings and be faithful that All is good. Trust divine timing.

Share your gifts and talents freely and with love. No ulterior motives.

Know that the Universe has your back. Don’t worry your Self with “how?” your dreams will come true.  That’s none of your business!

Simply trust in the law of attraction (it’s real!) and know that You’re provided for abundantly.

I’ve included a New Moon ritual You can do below.

This Leo New Moon came on the heels of yesterday’s Lughnasadh/Lammas celebration. That’s a pagan celebration honoring the Sun and Earth deities for the first harvests of autumn. So this ritual is also influenced by that.

Enjoy! And Be blessed.

Abundance & Blessings Ritual for Planting Intentions under New Moon

Intent: Gratitude for new beginnings, transformation and rebirth; reaping abundantly. Utilizing Sun Energy (charged crystals) & Earth Energy (ground burial).

What You’ll Need:

Altar or ritual space, green candle, lighter, paper, red pen, something to use as a raised platform, crystals or rocks, an apple, bread, YouTube for ritual music, fire resistant bowl or plate, grape juice or wine.


1. LIGHT green candle (symbolizing wealth & growth).

2. DRAW an Ankh symbol, which stands for the womb and birth of Life. This honors the Divine Feminine, which is also associated with the Moon. Use a red pen.

3. WRITE your intentions (whatever You wish to manifest in your Life) within the womb of the Ankh. Use red pen.

4. PLACE the Ankh symbol with your intentions written within the womb on a raised platform. Honoring the Womb.

4. ARRANGE the following charged crystals (crystals that have been outside in the SunLight) in square formation on top of your Ankh & intentions:

  • tiger eye
  • aventurine
  • citrine
  • crystal quartz

If you don’t have them,  use whatever crystals, rocks, pebbles, marbles You have. They still represent minerals from the Earth. 🙂

5. SIT an apple in the middle of the crystal grid, on top of your Ankh and intentions. This symbolizes fruit of the Womb.

6. BREAK bread (nourishment) and place one chunk at each of the four corners surrounding your ritual space/altar.

7. DANCE to New Moon meditation music for 8 minutes. Pick whatever music sounds best to You on YouTube. Break a sweat for best use of your body (Earth) Energy. You can dance longer than 8 minutes if You feel compelled… I danced for 18 minutes.

8. MEDITATE on your blessings.  Give thanks to Sun gods and Earth goddesses. Call each of the following by name to show gratitude for abundant Life:

  • Celtic Sun God Lugh & Mother Earth
  • Kemetic Sun God RA & Earth goddess MA
  • Greco-Roman Sun God Apollo & Earth Goddess Gaia
  • Norse Sun God Freyr & Earth Goddess Jord
  • Incan Sun God Inti & Earth Goddess Pachamama
  • West African Sun God Liza & Earth Goddess Mawu
  • Hindu Sun God Surya & Earth Goddess Bhumi
  • Aztec Sun God Tonatiuh & Earth Goddess Coatlicue
  • Mesopotamian Sun God Utu & Earth Goddess Ki.

Add any others to whom You feel a connection.

9. CHANT (8x): “May our cupboards be filled with abundant blessings as We celebrate our harvest. Our hearts are filled with Love, Peace, Gratitude & Honor to the Gods and Goddesses.”

8 is the shape of the symbol for infinity = infinite blessings. The number 8 is also associated with the universal law, “As above, so below… as with Out, so with In.” When we do ritual in Spirit, we plant the seed for the same Energy to manifest in the Physical.

10. EAT the apple. This is You receiving the fruit of the Womb. Keep the core for burial.

11. BURN your drawing of the Ankh. This binds Fire (Sun) Energy with your intentions. Keep the ashes for burial.

12. BLESS the bread from each of the four corners of your ritual space/altar. Put it together in a bowl/plate with the apple core and ashes of your Ankh.

13. BURY the bread, apple core and Ankh ashes outside in the Earth. Make sure everything You bury is covered completely with Earth.

14. POUR wine or grape juice over the burial site while offering a short prayer of thanks to the Sun, Moon and Earth.

15. BLOW out your green candle.

Ritual complete.

Stay in high vibrations and expect to see your intentions manifested in your Life!

Uranus in Aries Rx: Breakdowns & Breakthroughs

Right now, the planet Uranus is stationed in Aries, where it will begin its retrograde later tonight.

That means our planet of revolution, rebellion, invention and originality is currently soaking in its own brilliant juices in the area of the zodiac affiliated with eager exploration and leadership.

Once the retrograde begins, that Energy of fearless innovation moves within, rather than expanding outward as it has been doing since March 2011, when Uranus first entered the sign of Aries.

How Does This Transit Affect Us?

Each One of us will experience this shift of Energy and consciousness differently, based on wherever Aries is located on the zodiac wheel in your natal birth chart.

Yesterday, I recorded two videos about breakdowns and breakthroughs. The videos help You understand what’s going on in the context of our regular day-to-day lives.

They are posted on the Blaxstrology and Soul Tarot Facebook page at the links provided here:

Breakdowns & Breakthroughs, pt. 1

Breakdowns & Breakthroughs, pt. 2

It’s also helpful to have a look at your birth chart to see which house Uranus in Aries is transiting for You. That’ll give You insight into the unexpected or unimaginable changes headed your way.

(Uranus brings plenty surprises!)

My favorite place to refer newer students of the stars to in order to get a natal birth chart is Cafe Astrology. Click here to be taken directly to the Web page where You can get yours.

I also do in-depth birth chart and transit readings to help You understand your personal Energy and how transits play out in your Life specifically. Visit the Astrology Readings page for descriptions, pricing and to book your reading with Me.

Tarot Card of the Day: The Moon

This is the first of many blog posts that will explore each card of the Tarot deck. The first card up for study is the The Moon.

There’s a reason I chose to examine The Moon first.

A couple of nights ago, I had a dream about a witch showing me an upside-down Tarot card – the Moon card.

The Moon in Tarot

Although each Tarot deck is unique and special in its own way, there are a few things that most Moon Tarot cards have in common. Through these symbols, we are able to connect with deeper messages from the Moon card.

Water Flowing through a Valley

In Tarot and astrology, Water is the element associated feelings, emotions, relationships and the subconscious. To have Water flowing through a dark valley is symbolic of our deep-seated emotions and subconscious thoughts.

It’s those feelings, intuitive hunches and beliefs that we may not even be aware of. Those who are aware of it, often refer to it as psychic insight.

The Moon card is affiliated with the astrology sign of Pisces, which is the section of the zodiac dealing with spirituality, psychics, intuition, etc.

So when the Moon card comes up, know that you’re dealing with a higher octave of knowledge; that which is not taught but felt deep within.

Dog and Wolf Howling at the Moon

The dog and the wolf offer dual perspectives: one is domestic and tamed while the other is wild and rooted in pure animal instinct.

Both are howling at the Moon. This shows that All is One. Even when things are polar opposites, they are still the same in essence.

We all have the same basic needs, regardless of the differences in how we go about meeting our needs.

As the Moon is the ruler of zodiac sign Cancer, the nurturer and protector, freely expressing One’s needs is often a prominent message of the Moon card. Another message is to give your instincts their due respect.

The Moon says there is no right or wrong way to express your Self. Do what You must to allow your Soul to be heard and to free the Spirit. Honor instinctual insight.


In my Tarot deck, there are two women mapping the planets and stars. The two women are seers. Once again, here’s an allude to psychic/intuitive vision.

With the measuring tools, one woman has her head down, tasked with plotting the points on paper. While the other woman is looking above, measuring the distances between planetary bodies with her tool.

The phrase, “As above, so below,” comes to Mind.

Even though both women are seers and have inside vision (intuition), they still look outward at the Cosmos for guidance.

Once we are in touch with our Spirit selves, we can see how our outer Reality directly mirrors our inner Life. Believing that anything outside of Us is separate from Us is an illusion.

The Moon card showing up in a Tarot reading often hints at illusion or failure to trust the intuition.

Moon Phase(s)

My Moon card shows a crescent Moon with the Sun ducked out in the background. Many other Tarot decks show similar graphics in a different illustration.

Then there are some that just show a Full Moon. Whereas others show all phases of the Moon laid out at the top of the Tarot card.

The underlying message is that the Moon changes – like our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, habits and moods. Like our lives.

However there’s cyclical change involved with Moon phases.

When You become conscious and aware, You find that Life changes in cycles too. We constantly revisit the same Energy, just under different disguises.

When the Moon card shows up in a reading, it could be trying to warn some One against unconscious habits, thoughts, beliefs and/or feelings that are causing the person to repeat a similar fate over and over – in cycles.

Crayfish Crawling out of Water

The Moon Tarot card, crayfish in Tarot, lobster in Tarot, Blaxstrology and Soul Tarot

Although my specific Moon card doesn’t feature the lobster/crab/crayfish imagery, it is a popular focal point on the Moon card in most Tarot decks – as demonstrated above.

In these illustrations, the underwater creature is shown climbing up onto land from the sea.

That is to symbolize creatures (our own mental creations) rising up from the deep subconscious, which I noted earlier in this post as being symbolized by the element Water.

Instead of the crayfish image, my Moon card has the two women seers (psychics) who I affiliated with the phrase, “As above, so below.”

That same phrase applies to the crayfish on most Moon Tarot cards.

When the Moon card shows up in a reading with that imagery, it is a sign that the person may have some ugly little creatures crawling up out of the subconscious and showing up in his/her Reality.

Those “ugly little creatures” could be negative thought patterns, self-limiting beliefs, doubts, worries, resentments, fears, painful memories, etc.

Please understand that You can never hide these things. If You try to bury them, they WILL resurface at some point in your Life.

… just like the crayfish.

The Moon – Upright and Reversed

The position that a Tarot card shows up in a reading matters. The reversed position of a Tarot card often indicates that the card’s message is the opposite of the upright meaning, OR it indicates that the upright meaning of the card will be delayed somehow.

Remember, every Tarot reading is different for each individual. But here are the generally accepted upright and reverse meanings of the Moon card.

Upright: Difficulty in decision-making; clouded perspective; ignoring intuition; being overly analytical versus trusting your gut feeling; lack of Self guidance; false beliefs or illusions; deep rooted fears and insecurities

Reverse: Misinterpreting spiritual messages; misguided psychic power; distrust of the occult; failure to genuinely express the Soul; acting purely on instinct; overcoming deep rooted fears and insecurities

In the dream I described at the beginning of this post, a witch showed Me the Moon card in reverse.

I feel that the dream was bringing up remnants of a deeply instilled fear that was still lying dormant in my subconscious.

I come from a devout Pentecostal Christian family down here in the Bible Belt region. So I was mentally conditioned to be fearful of witches and any occult practices – including Tarot.

However, there’s nothing to fear.

I’ve learned that, and the dream was Spirit’s way of showing Me that I must be completely fearless in order to have the highest and best use of my spiritual power.

Note taken. 😉

If You’re interested in what message(s) Spirit may have for You, visit the Tarot Readings page to see your options available through Blaxstrology and Soul Tarot.

I also do general public readings on Facebook, so be sure to LIKE the Blaxstrology and Soul Tarot page!

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